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New Umrah Dress Code Rules for Women
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Saudi Arabia Reveals New Umrah Dress Code Rules for Women, all you need to know!

Ensuring Modesty and Reverence During the Spiritual Journey

Umrah Dress Code Essentials for Women: Saudi Arabia has recently introduced comprehensive dress code guidelines for female pilgrims embarking on the sacred journey of Umrah. This significant update ensures that the pilgrimage remains a respectful and spiritually fulfilling experience for women worldwide.

Official Announcement via Social Media

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to disseminate the essential dress code directives for female pilgrims. These guidelines ensure modesty, reverence, and unity among Umrah pilgrims.

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Umrah Dress Code: Dress Code Guidelines

  • Umrah Dress Code – Predominantly White and Loose-Fitting Attire: Female pilgrims embarking on Umrah are required to wear predominantly white and loose-fitting clothing. This choice of color and style symbolizes purity, humility, and respect for the pilgrimage’s solemnity.
  • Umrah Dress Code – Full Body Coverage: The attire must provide complete coverage of the body, leaving no part exposed. This requirement aligns with the Islamic principle of modesty and reverence for the holy sites visited during Umrah.
  • Umrah Dress Code – Minimal Decorative Elements: It is crucial that the clothing chosen for Umrah does not feature any decorative or ornate elements. This stipulation emphasizes the focus on simplicity and spirituality during the pilgrimage.
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Umrah Dress Code: Dress Code Guidelines for Umrah

Anticipating a Surge in Visitors

The introduction of these Umrah dress code rules comes as Saudi Arabia anticipates hosting an estimated 10 million international visitors at the Grand Mosque in Mecca during this season. To accommodate the growing number of pilgrims, Saudi authorities have implemented several initiatives:

    • Umrah Visa Extension: The duration of the Umrah Visa has been extended from the previous 30 days to 90 days. This extension allows pilgrims more flexibility in planning their pilgrimage, enhancing their overall experience.
    • Various Entry Visas: Saudi Arabia now offers various types of entry visas, including personal, visit, and tourist visas. These options make it easier for pilgrims to choose the visa that best suits their needs.
    Umrah Dress Code Essentials for Women

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    Introducing the Umrah dress code guidelines ensures that women can experience a respectful and spiritually fulfilling pilgrimage as they visit the holy sites in Saudi Arabia. These guidelines promote unity, reverence, and devotion among all Umrah pilgrims.

    As Umrah continues to attract pilgrims from across the globe, Saudi Arabia remains dedicated to enhancing the overall experience and accessibility for visitors. This commitment reaffirms Saudi Arabia’s position as a central hub for spiritual journeys in the Muslim world.


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