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UAE remittances and currency fluctuations on cross-border transactions and financial dynamics.
Home Business Remarkable Surge: UAE Remittances Soar Over 10% Amidst Currency Depreciation in India, Pakistan, and the Philippines
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Remarkable Surge: UAE Remittances Soar Over 10% Amidst Currency Depreciation in India, Pakistan, and the Philippines

Empowering Expatriates and Strengthening Savings Through Opportune Currency Dynamics

Remittances from UAE-based expatriates to India, Pakistan, and the Philippines have witnessed a substantial increase of more than 10% in August. This surge in remittances can be attributed to the depreciation of the Indian rupee, Pakistani rupee, and Philippine peso against the dirham. The currency fluctuations have prompted a timely opportunity for expatriates to optimize their remittances, benefiting both their families back home and their own savings.

Currency Dynamics: UAE Remittances Amidst Depreciation

Currency Depreciation Drives Remittance Growth: The UAE has experienced a remarkable upswing in remittances to India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, owing to the substantial depreciation of their respective currencies against the dirham. Notably, remittances to India have surged by nearly 10%, accompanied by an equivalent increase in remittances to Pakistan. The Philippines, however, has witnessed an even higher than 10% increase in remittances, underscoring the significant impact of currency fluctuations on cross-border money transfers.

Favorable Market Conditions for Expatriates: Experts suggest that the current market conditions are exceptionally favorable for expatriates seeking to send money back to their home countries. The unique combination of remittance trends and economic factors makes this an opportune moment for individuals to maximize the value of their remittances. As the Indian rupee, Pakistani rupee, and Philippine peso remain under pressure due to multiple factors such as rising US treasury yields and a weaker Chinese yuan, expatriates can capitalize on the situation to optimize their financial transactions.

Currency Dynamics and Remittance Patterns: The recent decline in the Indian rupee against the US dollar has marked a notable shift, with the rupee reaching a five-month low at 83 rupees per dollar. This depreciation, driven by factors such as a stronger dollar, increased US treasury yields, and a weaker Chinese yuan, has historically led to a surge in remittances from non-resident Indians (NRIs). A weaker rupee empowers NRIs to send greater amounts of money to India while maintaining their spending patterns in their host nations, resulting in a mutually beneficial trend.

Indian currency and UAE remittance
Indian rupee banknote cash background

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Short-term Gain Amidst Forecasts: While some financial experts predict further slides in the values of the Indian rupee, Pakistani rupee, and Philippine peso in the coming weeks, expatriates are presented with a short-term gain if they delay their remittances. This window of opportunity allows individuals to extract optimal value from their money transfers by strategically timing their transactions.

Balancing Savings and Responsibilities: Dubai-based Filipino financial advisor, Susan Francisco, offers an alternative perspective. She acknowledges the potential for continued currency depreciation but emphasizes the pressing financial needs of recipients in the home countries. As commodity prices rise in local markets, delaying remittances might inadvertently strain the essential expenses of families back home.

Capitalizing on Stronger Dirham Value: The current robust value of the dirham provides a beneficial advantage for expatriates. This favorable exchange rate allows them to make the most of their remittances and, consequently, augment their personal savings. The increased purchasing power of the dirham enables expatriates to save surplus funds, contributing to their financial security and future goals.

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The surge in UAE remittances to India, Pakistan, and the Philippines reflects the dynamic interplay between currency depreciation and cross-border financial transactions. Expatriates are presented with a strategic window of opportunity to optimize their UAE remittances and enhance their savings. While the allure of short-term gains is apparent, individuals must carefully balance their financial responsibilities with the urgent needs of their families back home. As currency dynamics continue to evolve, expatriates can leverage the strength of the dirham to secure their financial well-being and contribute to the stability of their home economies.


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