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Netflix Launches Investigation into ‘Dubai Bling’ Salary Leak Scandal

Netflix’s Dubai Bling is in the spotlight again, and this time, it’s not for the glitz and glamor of the show, but rather for the leak of its cast members’ salaries. According to Arabian Business, the streaming giant’s investigation into the scandal has already begun, and the company is determined to uncover the source of the leak.

The cast members of Dubai Bling are reportedly paid a measly AED9,175 per episode for season one, a figure that has caused considerable embarrassment among the stars. One cast member was quoted as saying, “This is a massive problem. I cannot ask for AED100k anymore to open a new shop because everyone knows I charged less than AED10k for the show.” The revelations have also caused rifts between the cast members, with some even privately accusing each other of being the mole who leaked the information.

The salary leak has prompted Netflix to reiterate to cast members the confidentiality clauses in their contracts and NDAs signed, as well as interviewing several other individuals who may have had access to the information. A source close to the investigation stated, “This has been one of many leaks, and Netflix wants to nip it in the bud.”


The situation has undoubtedly put the show in a negative light, but it’s still gaining significant attention from viewers worldwide. Fans of Dubai Bling are eager to know what will happen next in season two, which is currently being filmed. Meanwhile, Saudi star Amy Roko, who is set to appear in the upcoming season, has remained tight-lipped about the scandal, saying “no comment” when asked by reporters.

While the Dubai Bling salary leak has certainly caused some drama, it hasn’t dampened the show’s popularity. Viewers are still eagerly anticipating the release of season two, and with Netflix’s investigation underway, it’s clear that the company takes confidentiality and privacy seriously. Only time will tell what the future holds for Dubai Bling and its cast members.

Till then enjoy this trailer and if you haven’t watched Season 1 now is the time!

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