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Field hospitals to $100 million relief: here’s how UAE is helping Turkey, Syria after devastating earthquakes

At least 4,000 people have died and the area has been completely destroyed as a result of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. People got stuck in the rubble as buildings collapsed, forcing rescuers to use their bare hands to attempt and dig them out.
The UAE reaffirmed its support for Turkey, Syria, and the victims of the enormous earthquake on Monday. The UAE also offered the two nations its heartfelt condolences.

1. $100-million relief fund for earthquake victims in Syria, Turkey

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, directed the allocation of $100 million towards the relief efforts for individuals impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

In addition to giving $50 million to the benevolent Turks, Sheikh Mohamed’s offer also includes $50 million for the afflicted brethren in Syria.

2. Sending a search and rescue team

The UAE President ordered on February 6 that a search and rescue team be sent to Turkey to assist those impacted by the earthquake.

The catastrophic earthquake early on Monday morning forced hundreds of buildings to collapse on top of sleeping residents, trapping thousands of people beneath the debris. Rescue attempts have been hampered by the weather, and anxious families are telling terrifying tales of survivors still pleading for assistance from behind mountains of debris as first responders struggle in the rain and snow.

3. setting up field hospitals

To aid the casualties in Turkey, a field hospital has also been built on Sheikh Mohamed’s orders.

In crisis areas, field hospitals are built to treat patients on-site before transferring them to larger hospitals. These structures are frequently constructed temporarily. As of Tuesday morning, more than 15,800 individuals had been hurt across Turkey, according to Yunus Sezer, Turkey’s director of emergency services.

4. sending aid planes

Families in Syria’s most severely affected regions have received urgent relief supplies and emergency aid from the UAE.

The rapid response to lessen the effects of the earthquake that devastated Syria and Turkey includes the provision of humanitarian and medical supplies.

On Monday evening, the first aid jet departed from Abu Dhabi for Adana Airport in southern Turkey with crews, search and rescue personnel, and medical supplies.

5. Pledging AED 50 million in urgent aid

His Majesty The urgent humanitarian supplies totaling Dh50 million was sent to Syria on Monday at the direction of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

The UAE, according to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, is prepared to assist Syria as it deals with the worst earthquake to hit the region in decades. He asserted that the UAE will keep lending a helping hand to the populace till they successfully navigate this challenge.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives will distribute the help to Syria’s most vulnerable populations in the form of ration parcels.

How can you contribute?

Turkish Embassy In Abu Dhabi

Expats and other UAE citizens can drop off in-kind donations at Turkey’s Embassies Area in Abu Dhabi today (February 8) from 8am to 8pm. People who want to give a lot of stuff can go to the CSS Homeward Bound transportation company’s warehouse. The embassy highlighted the supplies that are urgently required in earthquake zones in a warning.

Turkish Red Crescent

The Turkish Red Crescent immediately began distributing emergency supplies to those living in the earthquake zones. On its website, the organisation has created an area for those who want to contribute.

According to the report, the following basic commodities are currently required: pasta, rice, chickpeas, oil, dry beans, red lentils, biscuits/cakes, tea, soup, sugar, bread, fruit juice, energy bars, flour, ready meals, hygiene items, milk, infant formula, and diapers.

Tents, blankets, heaters, scarves, gloves, beanie hats, thermoses, mugs, torches, thermal clothing, sleeping bags, bed chairs, foam mattresses, and pillows are just a few of the necessities for shelter.

Through the Türk Kzlay (Turkish Red Crescent) website, donations can be made using a credit card. You can also donate from abroad by dialing 0090 216 168 11 22.


In order to meet the needs of the thousands of families and kids affected by the earthquake, the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) is acting rapidly.

Through its official website (https://help.unicef.org/), donors have the opportunity to give either once (from Dh440 to Dh1,100) or monthly (from Dh180 to Dh370). Additionally, amounts can be changed.

White Helmets

White Helmets, a Syrian humanitarian organization, has been working nonstop to pull the dead from collapsed buildings and look for survivors. The organization started a fund-raising campaign since it urgently needed money for its life-saving surgeries.

Donors can contribute any amount between $25 and $200 by using the official website (https://www.whitehelmets.org/en/) to make their donation.

International Blue Crescent (IBC)

The IBC has started an online assistance appeal, mobilizing all of its resources to aid those affected by the catastrophe. Tens of thousands of tents, heaters for the tents, tens of thousands of blankets, thermal apparel, ready-to-eat food for at least 5,000 people, and first-aid kits are among the supplies that are urgently need, according to the organisation.

A contribution button has been added by the IBC to its main website (https://www.ibc.org.tr).

Save The Children

The US-based Save the Children Foundation has launched a donation drive to assist children in earthquake-affected areas who require immediate assistance in getting access to food, shelter, and warm clothing.

Donations in cash can be made through the organization’s official website (https://support.savethechildren.org/) and range from $50 to $5,000.


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