A Social Media Manager’s Guide To Working With Graphic Designers

A Social Media Manager’s Guide To Working With Graphic Designers

Social Media Managers and Graphic Designers have to work together A LOT. Graphics Designers are the ones who give wings to a Social Media Manager’s ideas and concepts – they brings things to life and showcase it to their audience.

Ever tried explaining to your Graphic Designer what you’re specifically looking to achieve? How many times have you attempted to draw something on a piece of paper to explain it to your designer? A lot right?

Social Media Specifications Your Creative Team Needs To Know

Most of the time, the results are like this


or maybe similar.

How many times have you attempted to tell your designer – can you make the blue bluer? Can you change the backdrop on that image? What’s the color on that? I mean shade…I mean tone… that color thing get with the program will you now!

We’ve all been there and experienced that haven’t we? Here’s something to fix that issue once and for all – the good guys at PayFort have put together this amazing Infographic that explains all the technical words Graphic Designers understand and work around.


There you have it folks! You can now finally tell the difference between tint, shade and tone or font and typeface! Let’s make the lives of our Graphic Designers a lot easier shall we?

This infographic was brought to you by PayFort. PayFort is a trusted Online Payment Gateway enabling businesses, governments, SMEs, startups and institutions with innovative payment options for both the banked and non-banked online shoppers in the Middle East. 

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