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Home Lifestyle WATCH: Dubai’s RJ Vardhaman Chhajed Gets Chatty About His New Single ‘Banana Banana’

WATCH: Dubai’s RJ Vardhaman Chhajed Gets Chatty About His New Single ‘Banana Banana’

UAE’s youngest Indian Rapper Vardhaman Chhajed shot to fame with his latest single ‘Banana Banana’ by Times music. Vardhaman is a beatboxer, a radio host in Dubai and a rapper. The 20-something artist has come a long way, ever since he moved to Dubai.

We, at Social Kandura were curious to know how more about the young man’s life, challenges he faced and how fame came calling.

Read on, as Vardhaman unravels it all!

1.  You Host A Radio Show And Also Do Beatboxing. Tell Us More About This

It started all off in 2012. I was in a very serious relationship. I studied civil engineering and back then, in my college days, I went through a bad break up. I was shattered and literally lost interest in everything. But then, I gathered myself and decided to do something, become something and thankfully, my family was very supportive. That’s when I googled the ‘rarest things a human can do’. Beatboxing was number five. So, I started beatboxing and for the first six months I did it all wrong. For the next two weeks, I rehearsed, researched and figured it out. I did my first stage show in 2013.

2. Beatboxing is known to be very unconventional. How did friends and family react?

I received a mixed response. My parents and my friends have always been very supportive. But, I also ensured I did what made them happy too. I completed my education because that’s reality. You need to be educated because it opens up your perspective.

3. How was it when you got the contract from Times music?

That evening is something I can never ever forget in my life. Out of the blue, I got a Whatsapp message that my contract has gone through. For the next ten minutes, there was absolutely no message. My anxiety levels were so high, I actually polished off one whole pizza. And then, I got a message which read ‘It’s approved’. It was unbelievable! I was shaking. I called my mother, my then girlfriend and my best friend and shared my happiness.


After this, I signed the agreement in a couple of hours and then performed in December 2022. My life changed in a few hours, to be honest. I didn’t expect such an overwhelming response, at such a short span. As of now, the song is at 2.3 million views. I’m waiting for the day when it will hit 408 million views.

4. Do you think songs these days have meaningful lyrics?

Every song has to have some meaning, because there is a thought behind it. My style of writing is very different. I start off with a catchy tune, and then start researching about the lyrics I want to key in. Also, a song is a song, it’s not a word play or a puzzle. I don’t want people to be spending 30 minutes in decoding my song. So, I keep it very simple.

5. Advice for youngsters who look up to you

Find your purpose. Always put yourself outside your comfort zone. Pursue your passion, but ensure you complete your education, because only that will save you on a rainy day.


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