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THIS is the dessert dubai peeps are going bonkers about & its Sinful

Dubai has a rich culinary scene and when it comes to desserts, the city takes it to another level. While you might have indulged in a whole lot of decadent treats, there’s one new dessert that’s taking the city by storm. Stop all that you’re doing and head to Caffe Di Roma, in JBR. The cute cafe serves a whacky version of the good old cheesecake and we’re sure you’ll go back for more. Need more deets? Read on!

There are cheesecake and then there’s this one that Caffe Di Roma serves. With no further delay, we present to you- Dubai’s viral dessert – Cheesecake On A Stick!!! Yes, you read that right! Forget your plate and plonk your cheesecake on a stick and eat it like a popsicle. Sounds weird? It won’t if you try it.

The cafe serves regular cheesecake on a stick. But the fun does not end there. The cheesecake is then adorned with a whole lot of toppings. Foodies can pick from five different types of toppings ranging from strawberry and nutella, oreo and coconut, peanut butter and caramel. Now, that’s taking it a whole new level, isn’t it? Each of these will cost you AED 19.

Besides, the cafe also whips up a delicious hot chocolate, especially for the winter, so don’t stop with the cheesecake!

So, gather your crew and head to the cheesecake heaven!

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