Indulge in Great Indian Street Food right in Dubai 
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Indulge in Great Indian Street Food right in Dubai 

The beloved homegrown Punjabi restaurant – Dhaba Lane is launching a Street Food Festival, which will offer a taste of street food from different states of India. 

Begin your journey of travelling and hunting your food from Rajasthan with Raj Kachori – 25 AED – Padharo Rajasthan Ke Des. With the taste of a large crisp sphere, stuffed with sweetened yoghurt, potatoes, and chutneys, topped with sev, enter the rich Marwari cuisine. 


Move on to every Delhite’s favourite chaat Aloo Shakarkandi Chaat – 25 AED – Sweet Potatoes Topped with Tangy Sauces and Chaat Masala. A perfect evening snack. 

Make your way to Uttar Pradesh’s most popular Moradabadi Dal ke Pakore – 25 AED – Deep-fried Black dal-infused gram flour balls. You are bound to have an urge to taste more dishes from UP. 

Get on a Yellow Cab and drive straight through the lanes of Calcutta to indulge in Kalkatta Chicken Kathi Roll – 25 AED – Chicken Tikka Wrap made with homemade sauces. Hop back in and reach another lane for Chowrangi chilli chicken – 32 AED – Deep-fried Chicken Cubes tossed in Red Chilli Tomato Base. 

Land at Aamchi Mumbai to immerse in the city’s top seller, Ragda Keema Pav – 25 AED for 4 pcs. of Pav – Minced Meat Hot Pot served with Buttered Bun & Mint Chutney. Try another one of Mumbai’s popular street food, Kolhapuri Vada Pav – 12 AED per pc. – Deep-fried potato fritter in a buttered bun, served with spicy garlic chutney. 

Reach your next destination – Jodhpur to get a taste of Jodhpuri Mawa kachori – 25 AED – Jodhpur ke rangeele fried sweet kachori filled with Mawa and royal nuts.

The festival will run till 15th September. Take a classical cuisine tour of India which will not do you wrong. Enjoy the culture-rich and piping hot dishes which will make you plaudit with every bite. Savour each bite of these scrumptious dishes in a very Indian ambience giving you the comfort of home back in India.


Great Indian Street Food Festival


15th September 2022

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