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82% of People Trust Social Networks to Guide Purchasing Decisions

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Social Media Influencers and content creators are one of the strongest marketing tools available with us in the digital marketing industry – the Social Kandura Ambassador Programme consist of hand picked individuals who have the power to influence and create a positive brand impact. The Ambassador Programme helps influencers create their niche while giving them the platform and the exposure that they need.

A dedicated training session is offered to our influencers who go to represent us and our brand out in the real world – this training helps you become a better content creator, ranging from understanding the social media algorithm, creating better videos and understanding how to edit to create and engage your audience with high quality content.

Sign up today to be a Social Kandura Ambassador and we will review your application for the registration – please note that only selected individuals who qualify will be contacted and confirmed as our ambassador

What Is The Social Kandura Ambassador Programme?

The Social Kandura Ambassador Programme aims to bring together the best content creators together to help promote businesses and industries and leave an impact to the decision making process while influencing the purchase decision.

How Do I Benefit From Joining The Programme?

As a content creator – we give you the opportunity to explore more, enhance your growth and work with more brands to establish yourself as a true influencer, you also sign up to our monthly training sessions where we share our best kept secrets on social media latest developments, how-tos and share one-on-one growth tips and examples

What Does It Cost To Join The Programme?

The Ambassador Programme is absolutely free of charge to join

How Many Followers Do I Need To Join?

We don’t believe the right way to judge an influencer is by their number of followers – if you are consistent, produce high quality content and are willing to grow, you’re welcome to join us.

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