Dubai Health Authority’s #ThankYouHeroes Campaign Goes Viral

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Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak in the UAE, the Dubai Health Authority has been playing a very active role in informing citizens to stay home and keeping them updated with the latest information to take care of themselves and be safe during these times.

Understanding the fact that Social Media usage is now the highest that it has ever been before, DHA took this oppurnity to communicate with residents on the platforms they spend the are spending the most of their time!

In a very clever approach, DHA partnered with TikTok to create a series a videos that promote the #ThankYouHeros videos everytime you logon to TikTok

With over 17.3 million views, this campaign is surely on fire! The #ThankYouHeros challenge will also bring light among TikTok users (especially the youth) about the sacrifices made by these individuals and hopefully encourage them to follow precautionary measures and government guidelines that aim to ensure their health and safety.

With some really well crafted content around this concept, they have done a phenomenal job in pushing the ‘StayHome’ message while also showing a humane side of the front-line workers.

On Twitter as well, DHA is pushing through the same message of #ThankYouHeros

“We have been taking proactive and comprehensive measures with our teams across the UAE to protect the community from Covid-19,”

Abdullah Jumaa, Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing Department at Dubai Health Authority

“Our #ThankYouHeroes campaign with TikTok aims to continue raising awareness of the virus and on the safety precautions needed, but also to encourage the UAE community to join us in thanking healthcare workers across the country for the risk they take everyday to safeguard public health.”

“We are confident that these messages of encouragement will lift the morale of all doctors, nurses, paramedics and administrators in the health sector who are working sleepless nights and making many sacrifices to ensure the safety and health of the people of the UAE,” he added.

Here’s how YOU can participate in the challenge

TikTok users in the UAE can participate in the #ThankYouHeroes challenge and show their appreciation for healthcare professionals fighting against the spread of Covid-19 by following the below steps:

  • Download the TikTok mobile app
  • Create a video thanking doctors, nurses, paramedics and administrators in the health sector for keeping the UAE community safe using the #ThankYouHeroes hashtag

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