Can Reels Help Boost Your Instagram Engagement?
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Can Reels Help Boost Your Instagram Engagement?

Instagram Reels – since its launch in mid-2020, Reels has been slowly but surely creeping into your social page. Whether you are scrolling through the Instagram feed, tapping through stories – only to be stopped by a hilarious reel, or actively spending hours swiping through Instagram Reels, it has become a dedicated part of your daily social media dose.

But is it actually better than other video formats on Instagram?

That is the million-dollar question. 

But first, how do you create a reel? 

The Native Reels tool on Instagram is actually well-equipped to get you started on this journey. With editing tools that are fairly easy to understand, the option of adding background music or even copyrighted music, and now even remixing your favourite creator’s Reels, you can do it all on the Instagram App. simply record reels on the Instagram app, add some quick music and edits, and you are done! If that seems like too much work, you can simply add pre-recorded videos as well as pictures to create Reels. 

The key is in the ratio

An important thing to remember while shooting and posting Reels is to stick to the native sizing of the Reel. Uploading pictures and videos that are shot in the portrait mode is the most eye-pleasing and therefore engaging form of content. Nobody has the time to tilt their phones, when they can simply skip the video in a second. 

First impressions matter

The best and worst thing about Reels or any short-form content is that they are quicker and therefore easier to consume. However, the key to making sure that people actually stick through your video is making the first few seconds as interesting as possible. Whether it is adding peppy thumbnails to draw people in or simply playing a catchy tune that they need to listen to, there are various ways that you can sway people into your Reels. 

Spot trends early, and get into it

If you have spent more than 10 minutes on Instagram Reels, you are sure to have come across a trend template. Whether it is a popular choreography or a story-telling format that is unique, there are various trends on Instagram Reel that draw people in. And the quicker you recognise and get into these trends, the better your engagement can be. Find innovative ways of making your content tick in the currently trending templates. 

Storytelling is key

While the above pointers can help you gain engagement, the key to retaining people on your profile is having a story that makes them want to come back. Storytelling, whether it is you speaking or simply using text over videos, is the key to peaking your community’s interest and ensures that they come back. 

To summarise, Reels really does have the power to change your Instagram game. And if you have been trying to reinvent your social image or just increase your engagement with your online community, then reels may be the way to go. 

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